Beji Griya Waterfall

The latest natural attractions in the Badung area of Bali to enjoy the holy journey of melukat in Bali. 

Of course, Beji Griya waterfall in Punggul has its own charm, and what is unique about this waterfall area is that it offers a variety of interesting natural scenery.

In addition to the beauty of the waterfall, there is also a hidden gorge or cliff known as the Beji Griya hidden canyon, besides that the view of terraced rice fields around the Beji Griya waterfall can be an interesting offer to just relax and eliminate boredom.

To reach the location, you can use the guide from the location marker on google maps above, motorized vehicles including cars can directly park near the Beji Griya Punggul waterfall. Arriving at the parking lot, you are greeted with a beautiful view of terraced rice fields with green natural shades, making the mind cool and fresh.

Then down the stairs about 50 meters, you arrive at the Taman Beji Griya Gede Manuaba Punggul Temple. Taman Beji Griya Gede Manuaba Temple is used by residents for processions in the Melasti ceremony and also during the Pitra Yadnya ceremony. It is functioned by residents as a place for melukat, visitors can do melukat in this place, and wear traditional clothes to the temple and offering facilities. This temple is guarded and maintained for generations by Griya Gede Manuaba Punggul.

Beji Griya waterfall in Punggul is adjacent to the Taman Beji temple, you will be greeted with the natural scenery of the waterfall in the valley, the height of this waterfall is only about 12 meters, the flow of this waterfall touches the rock wall so the sound of falling water is not so loud. 

The tranquil and green nature of Beji Griya waterfall makes it suitable for relaxing, but it can also be an ideal selfie spot, either from the courtyard at the Taman Beji Griya Gede Manuaba Punggul Temple or directly under the waterfall. 

If you like to hunt for photos with instagramable natural backgrounds, this tourist attraction in Bali will be ideal for you.

Beji Griya waterfall in Punggul is now a new tourist attraction and completes the list of natural waterfall attractions in Badung Regency. 

For those of you who love adventure travel and want to explore the latest tourist attractions in Bali, then of course Beji Griya waterfall is your next travel destination.