Balian Beach

The beach has black sand with a very beautiful panorama and is one of the attractions for surfers.

The waves are not too high and not easily broken into a special attraction for Balian Beach, so it is not surprising that almost every day Balian Beach is always crowded with surfers who want to feel the sensation of riding on the waves of the beach in Tabanan.

Many foreign tourists say that Balian Beach is a surfer's paradise.

On the way to the beach, we will find a lot of inns - inns that are rented at fantastically cheap prices.

In addition to lodging, around the beach there are also many places to eat, such as bars that provide various kinds of food and drinks. The mainstay menu at each bar is usually seafood such as grilled fish, grilled squid, and grilled crab.

If we walk along the shoreline as a whole we can see towering cliffs like a big wall. The most appropriate time when visiting Balian Beach is in the afternoon, you will see a panoramic sunset accompanied by the sight of birds flying back to their nests.

Therefore, don't forget your camera to capture interesting events on one of the beaches in Tabanan.In the evening you can see small beachside stalls that provide sea fish dishes for parties and singing all night while drinking beer on the beach.

Are you interested in visiting one of the beaches in Tabanan? So don't miss your holiday in Bali without visiting this beautiful beach. Have a good vacation.

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