Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is located in Uluwatu Village. It is about  21 km from Denpasar. At the northern area of Balangan Beach is Tegal Wangi Beach.

In the southern area, there is Dreamland Beach and Bingin Beach which you can also visit at once. To visit this place, you have to travel as far as 17.3 km with a duration of 38 minutes from Denpasar City.

Balangan Beach has different natural conditions than other beaches in Bali, so the existing facilities are also different compared to other beaches.

  • Great Coral View | The facilities on this beach are large coral flanking this beach. On top of the rock, visitors can see an amazing view. Another amazing thing is this beach is quite hidden, so it's still far from the crowds and can be very satisfied with taking pictures.
  • Surfing | Balangan Beach has waves, so it has the potential to surf in seawater. Not only surf, but this beach is also still very comfortable to visit, because of the tranquility offered. If you want to surf in this place, it is not recommended for those who are learning to use surfboards. Most of the foreign tourists who come to this place come from Australia. The Tourists were very fond of the sea waves on this beach, so they were very reluctant to linger in this place.
  • Wedding photos | This place is very suitable to be used as a location for prewedding photos. This beach is often used as the location of prewedding photos. This location is very strategic as a place to take pictures, because it is still rarely visited by tourists, so it is more free to take pictures. Another reason is that the scenery offered is amazing. Especially when the sunset arrives and the sky turns reddish. This will add to the uniqueness of the prewedding photos taken.
  • Tasting Menu in Balangan Paradise | This place sells variety of seafood such as shrimp and grilled fish. 
  • Yoga Studio | Do You dream of having a healthy body? You can try to do yoga in this place. Yoga activities are usually done while looking at the beautiful sunset. There are lots of tourists from overseas who participate in this sea activity.
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