Ayana Rock Bar Bali

Ayana Rock Bar Bali is one of the most popular places for sunset, hangout and entertainment in Bali.

The location is very unique, which is on a rocky hill on the edge of Jimbaran beach.

The beautiful natural scenery combined with the songs played by DJs and bands can soothe your heart and mind from the hectic activities of the day.

Especially for teenagers, you are guaranteed to feel very comfortable here, because you will find all the flavors here, ranging from youthful entertainment, romantic, and so on.

To access RockBar as a trendy hangout, you have to pass through Ayana Resort as the main manager.

Here an inclinator or 'elevator' is provided which is the only entrance to RockBar.

One tip for those of you who want to visit here, visit a few hours before sunset.

Because it is certain that many people will visit and flock to watch the sunset at RockBar Bali.