Asah Hill

Bukit Asah is a cliff by the beach to see the blue sea.

Located in Karangasem Bali, the locals usually call it "Bukit Asah".

The view is so eye-pleasing and exudes tranquility, it makes you want to camp and spend the night here, maybe just a tent is needed to cover your head if the night wind is too cold.

Not only the view of the blue sea, we can also see the boundary of heaven and earth at the top of the hill, the beauty of the beach and cliffs seen from above makes me want to buy a DSLR/gopro camera, the breeze makes me want to sleep until dawn. You will never regret it!

Bukit Asah, one of the Instagramable hills in Bali can be one of the favorite places in Bali to take your partner or just stop by to see people taking their partners.

Bukit Asah Tourism in Manggis Karangasem Bali has a view that is so exotic, beautiful and amazing. How can there not be so beautiful, so natural, quiet, calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Because indeed people who visit here are city people who (maybe) are tired of the monotonous urban atmosphere.

There you can see the vast scenery while drinking coffee, lying on the green grass while enjoying the seemingly endless view of the vast Balinese sea.

For those of you who like tents, you can first camp on the hill at Bukit Asah. Wow, can you imagine how exciting it is to camp on a cliff with the ocean below.